mardi 31 octobre 2017

Last day at Obeo

Today is my last day in Obeo.

I started there 11 years ago and it has to be said that we started from not much!

Year after year, we have built a set of products and solutions offering more and more functionalities to our customers, covering an increasingly wide functional domain (generation, transformation, custom modelling,...).

The way we built the Obeo products might seem magical from the outside, but it was the result of the hard work of the company and the passion of its employees... my colleagues.

This fantastic period allowed me to evolve day after day, on all a set of aspects that I would not have imagined when I arrived: development, architecture, project management, customers care, marketing,...

All these skills will allow me to assume my new functions in my new company. Indeed, I join Digitemis to take on the role of Product Owner. Mainly, I will drive the roadmap of the company's products in order to provide tools that will best meet the needs of our customers.

I have a whole new set of challenges await me, but I'm joining Digitemis with confidence thanks to what I learned in Obeo.

All I have to do now is to wish you an happy continuation Obeo, a lot of new challenges are waiting for you too, mainly with your departure to the west.

Good luck to those I will not see again ... and see you soon to those whose our roads will cross again.

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