lundi 22 mars 2010

Helios M6 - Acceleo/EEF back together

Finally Helios M6 is here !

You can install Acceleo and EEF from the Helios Update Site and benefit of the last features of this two projects.

For the EEF one, there is some bug fixes but mainly there is a new option in the EEFGen model that let you choose if you want use JMerge to manage user code or not. There is two way to customize generated code by EEF :
  • Adding custom code in the dedicated area, protected area.
  • Subclassing the generated code, putting user code in theses and providing them with appropriated provider
Now for the first way you can use JMerge instead of Acceleo protected area. If you check the option "Use JMerge to manage user code" in the EEFGen model, Acceleo will not generated protected area anymore but put a @generated tag at the beginning of the classes and at the beginning of each method (thanks Ed for the feature request).

jeudi 18 mars 2010

Ready for eCon 2010 !

I'm ready for my first Eclipse Con 2010 ! It's very exciting to think that in some hours I'll be in Santa Clara to present EEF. My talk is a little shorter than in Eclipse Summit Europe so I focused on the essential.

My talk is monday at 14:42 and will deal with :
  • What is EEF ?
  • EEF in a Nutshell
  • Some advanced uses of EEF
  • EEF test case generation
There many topics in 12min but we are in Santa Clara during all Eclipse Con so feel free to ask us more information.

I have a second talk about SWTBot during Eclipse Con Thursday at 14:30. I'll present the work we done to create a bot (SWTBot) able to test GEF graphical modelers.

In this presentation I will talk about :
  • SWTBot, a brief description
  • GEF, what kind of application can be done with this framework?
  • SWTBot the GEF-dedicated API
SWTBot really help us to create more robust GEF and GMF applications.

See you in Santa Clara