vendredi 18 juin 2010

Eclipse Wordlcup : Bye Bye France, Hello source code !

Very sad day for french people, French team is probably out of the competition, thanks to Nicolas, Sidney and ... of course Raymond. Anyway, Here is the current rating in the Eclipse community :

Came from the end of ranking ldelaigue lead now the game. lredor is second, arichard third and Jens fourth. Finally fmaillet is always in top 5.

Sorry for Jonathan and Cédric who are now ranked 8th and 10th of the game. More information on : Forecast ranking.

I've just added the source code of the Eclipse Worldcup Forecast application on the Eclipse CVS. You can find it in the test directory of the eef project. Here is a PSF file.

Feel free to create you're own extension for the Eclipse WorldcupForecast Application ;)

lundi 14 juin 2010

Eclipse Worldcup : First results

3 days of world cup, we can do a first check of the game results :

lredor and Cedric lead the game with 18 points. After, there is SMonnier, Jonathan and fmaillet with 17 points. Well played !

It's not too late to start playing if you want to join us in the game. To play, just download the application :

And add a new player. You're 18 points late but it remains 224 points to win !!

To finish, let me remind you the process to validate your forecasts :
  1. Fill out your forecast in the application
  2. Save the modification
  3. Then use the menu "World Cup Forecasts > Commit" to send your datas
If you not save before commit or you not commit, the default score (0-0) we be validate and use to compute your score !

Let's play !