mercredi 8 avril 2009

JavaEE Productivity Tour - Great meeting !

Thuesday took place in Nantes (La Beaujoire) the JavaEE Productivity tour. It was a presentation of three companies Obeo, ProxiAD and SpringSource dealing with their feedback on productivity in the JavaEE world.

First, Arnaud Buisine, from ProxiAD, presented the current state of his company about project industrialisation. His presentation deals with many topic like :
  • The choice of frameworks
  • The choice of code generation
  • The quality process
  • The developper post : settings and building
  • ...
Then comes Julien Dubois from SpringSource. His part dealt with the productivity in the framework point of view. He talk about :
  • Spring what it does and what it will do !
  • Groovy
  • Grails
Finally, Etienne from Obeo, shows our tooling dedicated to JavaEE productivity. It was the moment to talk about :
  • Acceleo and Acceleo Pro
  • Obeo designer
  • And Obeo Network

After this 3h30 of presentation, It was the time to lunch and discuss about this topic. Interesting topics make interesting audience and interesting audience implies exciting discuss.

The JavaEE productivity tour will take place in another site soon and I hope It will come back next year in Nantes for new exchange on our wild JavaEE world :)

samedi 4 avril 2009

Welcome on my modeling blog

Here we go !
I've just open my blog dedicated to my work in the Eclipse modeling world.

Currently, I work on the EEF project which aim at providing a new framework to the Eclipse user to design advanced editing components. Once these are designed they can be include in SWT/JFace elements as tabbed properties sheets or JFace wizard.

Here is two examples of the EEF generation result :
  • In a tabbed properties sheet page :

  • In a JFace wizard :

After a good Proposal Phase (with some propositions of several interested parties), we currently work on the Creation Review for EEF. Thanks to everybody who help us to create this exciting project !