jeudi 3 novembre 2011

Why not generating EMF code with Acceleo ?

Obeo has developed the Rolls Royce of the code generation. It's time to use this for the EMF generation tooling.

Since one year we are developping an alternative EMF generation with EEF. Now we have covered most of the EMF generation (even the model part!) and you can try it with the last EEF nighlty!

Here is the demonstration Stéphane made of the new wonderful feature:

For the ESE attenders, I will made a demo @ the modeling symposium this evening !

2 commentaires:

  1. Hello,
    I am surprised to see that EEF is generating the model but also the editor and not using EEF tabbed property sheet editor ?
    It seem that the property sheet editor is the basic 2 columns table.
    Do you intend to generate the editor with EEF nice tabbed editor feature ?

  2. Nice!.
    I have been waiting for this feature since about 4 years. At that time there was the idea that OAW will do it.

    I know implementations that rely on modifying the default JET templates. One of the problems in those was that re-usability of the JET templates is very poor. Also, as JET has JSP-like script-lets, java code re-usability was also very poor. Overall making the extension expensive to understand, extend and finally maintain.

    Does the EEF-based EMF generation improves any of those ? (extensibility and maintainability)