jeudi 18 mars 2010

Ready for eCon 2010 !

I'm ready for my first Eclipse Con 2010 ! It's very exciting to think that in some hours I'll be in Santa Clara to present EEF. My talk is a little shorter than in Eclipse Summit Europe so I focused on the essential.

My talk is monday at 14:42 and will deal with :
  • What is EEF ?
  • EEF in a Nutshell
  • Some advanced uses of EEF
  • EEF test case generation
There many topics in 12min but we are in Santa Clara during all Eclipse Con so feel free to ask us more information.

I have a second talk about SWTBot during Eclipse Con Thursday at 14:30. I'll present the work we done to create a bot (SWTBot) able to test GEF graphical modelers.

In this presentation I will talk about :
  • SWTBot, a brief description
  • GEF, what kind of application can be done with this framework?
  • SWTBot the GEF-dedicated API
SWTBot really help us to create more robust GEF and GMF applications.

See you in Santa Clara

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