mardi 3 novembre 2009

Back from ESE 2009

After a little break, I'm back ! :)

ESE 2009 was a very cool experience. An opportunity to meet very important people for the EEF project and to assist to very interesting presentations.
  • First of all, EMF, CDO, EMF Databinding tutorial was very interesting. It's a shame that we hadn't the time to do all the exercices.
  • In the afternoon the modeling symposium showed us some very interesting application of EMF. I found the demo of Cedric Vidal from ProxiAD especially interesting with the EMF customizer. This tools allows users to "customize" generated EMF models with a models using an Xtext syntax very close to CSS.
And that was all for the first day. A very nice diner in a typical German Restaurant and it was time to sleep a little.

The second day, after a first key note that let me quite unconvinced, it was time for talks. I assisted to many talks about e4 and the riena project then back to modeling talks. I went to the talk about the brigde between EMF and Oslo made by the AtlanMod/INRIA team. Finally, It was the talk of Cedric for Acceleo. What an amazing room ! Cedric made a very good talk and I was glad to see the audience impressed by the new Acceleo tooling.

The final day began with an interesting talk about Papyrus and the very very huge plan for the future. I saw that papyrus is on a good way and I'm happy they use EEF for this project. Final preparations and it was time for my talk. I'm quite satisfied of it. I had some good advice of people that assisted to my "sexy" talk. I finally went to the talk of Mariot about SWTBot, what an amazing technology ! EEF have a start of support for automated tests with SWTBot and I really think that finalize this part of EEF is one of the important job of EEF in 2009.

ESE is finished and now we have to improve EEF to come next year with very new powerful features !

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