dimanche 13 septembre 2009

Some news about EEF project

First of all, Hello Eclipse world !

I'm proud to be included in Eclipse Planet and to join the Eclipse community. And to celebrate this, here is some news of the EEF project :)

All the EEF team has worked on adding new features and stabilizing the project. We have now an framework more simple and more extensible. For instance, all the architecture of the Acceleo generation module has been redesigned to ease the extension of the generation when we add new widgets.
This work has been done to create a new widget for EEF, the "flat reference table" which is a "slim version" of the reference table.

The "AdvancedReferenceTable"

The "FlatReferenceTable"

A second big part of our work was focused on the generation of tests for EEF. And we start to have nice results :) Now, it's possible to generate JUnit test cases, using the SWTBot project, that test the result of the EEF generation for a given project. A test is generated for each modelized widget. We are currently able to test Text and Checkbox. Now we have to extend this generation for all the EEF widgets !

But it's not all ! We not only work on the technical aspects of the project. We finally have our web page in the EMFT project website. And with this page, we started to work on the wiki for EEF.

The last part of the work was to integrate EEF into Athena Common Build. We have not finished yet, but we hope to achieve this very soon.

3 commentaires:

  1. Great to see you starting to blog. Lots of people might not know what EEF is, including me. What about writing a blog that explains EEF? I know I would find it useful.


  2. Hi Ian,

    Yes I will try to describe what EEF is and what we want it becomes !

    Thanks for the interest :)

  3. Nice to see you @planeteclipse Goulwen.
    The SWTBot code tests generation is a great feature. A suggestion for a next article (after the one presenting EEF) : How to add a custom widget for EEF.