lundi 13 juillet 2009

Eclipse Acceleo Day - Acceleo by the users ...

The "Libre" Software Meeting (LSM/RMLL) took place last week in Nantes. The Wednesday, It was possible to assist to the first Eclipse Acceleo Day during this event.

For the first time, most of the Acceleo users where gathered to discuss about their experience and what do they expect for the next versions.

The morning was dedicated to the talk describing the use of Acceleo in industrials projects. After an introduction of the Acceleo Project (its history, its goals) by Etienne, the first talk was done by Erle Le gac from CapGemini.

He made a feedback on a software factory that he and his team built using Acceleo and Obeo Designer. He use this product to create a complete modeling/generating chain dedicated to improve the JEE development within CapGemini. He wanted to made a demonstration of this software factory but the demo effect associated with a live practical experiment of the murphy's law prevent him to finish his example.

Then it was the perfect moment for a coffee break :)

Once the quota of caffeine back to the normal. The next feedback could be done. There was Vincent Fady from Atos Origin who described the use of Acceleo in some projects of Atos and the deployement of them, Olivier Leal from Bull who explained the strategy of Bull to industrialize their development with Acceleo. Finally, Samuel Liard from the Orange Labs came to give a feedback of Orange in the use of MDA and the the way they integrate tools like Acceleo in their development process.

Thanks for his very interesting feedbacks !

This introduction and these 4 talks done, it was time to feed our starving stomachs !

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